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We are an online healing ministry dedicated to praying for those who seek the divine healing power of Jesus Christ for their physical healing.

We believe Jesus commissioned every believer prior to His ascension that if they lay hands on the sick they will recover (Mark 16 v 18)


We believe Jesus is still healing today!

The Power of Jesus Christ to Heal

Kabod Global Ministry believes in the divine healing power of Jesus Christ to heal every sickness, disease and infirmity. We believe that when Jesus was whipped, scourged and disfigured by the Roman soldiers prior to His crucifixion

Jesus took every sickness, disease and infirmity for us so we don't have to carry or bear it in our bodies and as such we are healed. 1 Peter 2 v 24

Kabod is the Hebrew word for weight and glory. Glory is recognised as a characteristic of God, especially in the phrases ‘the glory of God’ – ‘The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19 v 1), and ‘the glory of the Lord’, ‘Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you (Isaiah 60 v 1). 

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  • Our online healing prayer is normally 30 minutes and it is free



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I have received prayer from Robyn & Jonathan over a period of 9 years and I must say that each time the power of God comes beautifully and impacts my whole being.
Whether it’s physical healing or something else, God has always reassured me through them that He knows and cares. I have experienced, that they have pressed into God for years on end and God has really honoured them.
Just last week I asked Robyn to pray for a terrible ache in my leg and by the end of the day the pain went down by 90%!
I’ve had many powerful encounters with God through their prayer.

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Online Healing Prayer 

Have any questions about Online Healing Prayer? 


If you have any questions about Online Christian Healing please feel free to contact us. We have listed out some answers to common questions about Online Christian Healing below. 


How do I book an online Healing Prayer session?


You can click here to book your session. You will be directed to our calendar which will have a range of available sessions. Pick the one that works best for you and you can complete the booking process online. 


How do the online Christian healing Prayer sessions take place?


We use Zoom to conduct our online sessions. We will send you an invite link to the zoom sessions once you have selected your time and date. 


How have the online healing prayer sessions helped others?


Our sessions have helped people across the world. You can view our testimonials page to view people have had a positive experience of our online healing sessions. 


Who can take part in the online healing prayer sessions?


The benefit of the online sessions is that anyone in the world can take part in our healing sessions. We have people from a range of different countries attend our online Christian healing sessions. View more about our online healing sessions here and here