Christian Online Healing Services

At Kabod Ministry we offer Online Christian Healing Services. These services are designed to help those who seek the healing power of Jesus Christ for their physical healing.


Our Christian Healing Services take place over zoom, which gives us the added benefit of being able to invite people from all over the world to take part. 


We recommend that prior to your Zoom Healing appointment that you quieten yourself and sit quietly on your own for at least 15 minutes. We recommend that you listen to soaking healing music with healing scriptures. This will ensure that the atmosphere you are in is filled with God’s presence.

Online Prayers For Healing

We have a wide range of available dates and times for our online healing services. This means you should be able to find a timeslot suitable to fit around your work and family life. 

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Online Christian Healing

  • Our online healing prayer is normally 30 minutes and it is free


Have any questions about Christian Online Healing Services? 

If you have any questions about Christian Online Healing Services please feel free to contact us. We have listed out some answers to common questions about Christian Online Healing Services below. 

How do I book to attend a Christian Online Healing Service?

You can click here to book your session. You will be directed to our calendar which will have a range of available sessions. Pick the one that works best for you and you can complete the booking process online. 

How do the Christian Online Healing Services take place?

We use Zoom to conduct our online sessions. We will send you an invite link to the zoom sessions once you have selected your time and date. 

How have the online Christian healing sessions helped others?

Our sessions have helped people across the world. You can view our testimonials page to view people have had a positive experience of our online healing sessions. 

Who can take part in the Christian Online Healing Services?

The benefit of the online sessions is that anyone in the world can take part in our healing sessions. We have people from a range of different countries attend our online Christian healing sessions.