JONATHAN - received Jesus as his Saviour at a Billy Graham crusade in London in 1989. He has a passion for seeing others find Jesus as Lord, Saviour and Healer. As a dentist, Jonathan used some of his holidays volunteering on Mercy Ships which has the world's largest hospital ship in West Africa that provides free medical and dental care to the poor. He also provided dental care for the orphans at Heidi Baker's centre in Mozambique. Jonathan & Robyn have an amazing story of how God brought them together supernaturally. Since marrying in 2004,  they have travelled to numerous countries spreading the gospel and praying for the sick and seeing God's miraculous healing power, the blind seeing and the deaf hearing!


ROBYN - born in rural New Zealand in a 3rd generation Pentecostal family, she grew up with a hunger to know the fullness of God.  Robyn has operated in the office of a Prophet and Seer from aged 18. Her Seer anointing has bought encouragement, change and direction from the young to the old, to those new to the faith and to senior church leadership. 

Robyn graduated with honours from Elim Bible School, Auckland NZ in 1994. She has a strong passion for missions, and before marrying Jonathan travelled to many nations, including the then Soviet Union. She saw many receive salvation and healing. 

In 2009, Robyn was invited to give a prophetic word she had for the nation of Ghana on their national TV. The word was confirmed as accurate by the Government, and geologists.

Often Robyn will have a Word of Knowledge when praying for people which in turn releases faith to receive healing.