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Healed of Stage 4 Cancer due to Asbestos in spite of the doctors poor prognosis

Updated: Apr 16

The more you plug into God’s Word, the more you’ll see God’s promises coming true. Here is a testimony from Neal and Lynn Frattasio of their journey in spite of all of the odds stacked against them.

In the fall of 2019, Neal went to the doctor due to some pain he was experiencing. After many tests, the doctors found that he had mesothelioma (cancer due to being exposed to asbestos). A few months later in January 2020, Neal had an 11+ hour surgery. As he recovered in the ICU, Lynn stayed in the waiting room the whole time, praying, and believing for Neal’s complete healing. After 23 days, she took him home. Their battle, however, didn’t go away. In the summer of 2020, Neal started chemo and physical therapy. The doctors saw something concerning, so they suggested a PET scan. The doctors hunted for how to help best, but in December 2020, the doctor finally said, “I can’t cure you.” Lynn’s response was, “It’s okay. God can.” The only path available to take was immunotherapy, so Neal began immunotherapy at the cancer center; however, Neal became listless and had to be rushed to the ER and eventually admitted to the hospital. After one week, the oncologist came in and said, “So what do you want to do?” Neal replied, “What do I want to do? I'm going to fight this, and I believe God's going to lick it!” At the beginning, the fluid caused by the cancer was pressing on all his organs. A total of 5.5 litres had to be drained every few days. They inserted a port for easier access. He ended up in something similar to hospice care. After eight days of staying at the hospital with Neal, Lynn returned home to get in the Word of God. After some time in the Word, every time Lynn spoke to a doctor or a nurse, she told them how much they appreciated all they had done and that they understood the prognosis was serious. She also told them that the two of them were Christians that believed in healing and miracles, so that was all that they wanted to talk about from then on. The staff was told several times what Neal and Lynn believed and how they were standing on the Word of God, in spite of his physical situation. After a week and a half of this care, Neal’s fluids went down, and they suggested continuing immunotherapy. The doctors and nurses still did not think he would make it long. The oncologist had said that immunotherapy works about 20% of the time, sometimes just slowing it down. Neal and Lynn continued to pray, quote Scriptures, read the Bible, read confessions, watch healing teachings, and take communion together. They prepped for another PET scan in January 2021. When Lynn was praying, she pictured Jesus on the cross. The cancer was on Jesus, and when His side was pierced all the fluid came out and that price was paid for Neal. God spoke to Lynn’s heart right then and said it was going to be okay. That was a turning point. Lynn was not settling for anything less than a full life, healed. Neal and Lynn confessed every molecule and cell was and will be forever cancer-free! They remained strong in God's Word. Praise God, the results of that PET scan finally showed the truth. The results came back to shock and amaze the doctors and staff: “There is nothing there; you are cancer-free.” The doctors were so happy to hear of the hope-filled healing power of God that rescued Neal. Neal is currently getting his strength back in therapy while proclaiming the truth that he was completely healed from stage 4, metastatic cancer. He is a cancer-free, living miracle from God. Neal and Lynn have now been together 48 years, married for 39 years this month. What a glorious God we serve. Let this story encourage you in whatever fight you are facing. God is on your side. Keep pursuing Him and filling your mind and heart with Him.

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